17 Dec

In January 2021 we will be launching a new service; BIY, buy it yourself!!!

In essence this is for you to to be in control of your project.  If there is a job that may be beyond your skill-set we have just the tradesman for you.  There will be a page where, if you follow the links, you will be directed to the contact details of trusted builders and carpenters.  They have all been vetted for there quality of craftsmanship and there will a range of different skills available, so if it is just a shelf you need putting up or a whole extension built you can trust us to ensure you can trust them.  The idea is that they will tell you what materials you need and you can order them via our e-shop, we will then liaise with them to ensure the materials arrive on site to meet them to get the job done.

Watch this space.......................

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