TTF - Preservative Treatment Action Plan

16 Dec
At the Timber Trade Federation AGM on 17 November, TTF members unanimously voted to implement the proposed Preservative Treatment Action Plan by formally adopting the wording below into the TTF Code of Conduct. 

The WPA has been fully involved in this process to date and will continue to work with us and our members to help ensure the successful implementation of what is a hugely significant initiative for our industry.
The agreed changes to the TTF Member Code of Conduct are as follows: 
Where preservative treatments are required, Members shall adhere to the guidance provided within the Code of Practice BS 8417 for the choice, use and application of wood preservatives.

Members shall ensure that:

A  Preservative treated wood is being accurately and unambiguously specified/purchased, for use or resale, and is clearly identified at all points of the chain (on orders, internal stock movement records, and sales records) as fit for the intended purpose.

As a minimum this will require identification of the product as suitable for either:  
  1. Interior Use only - Use Class 2 
  2. Exterior use above ground - Use Class 3U 
  3. Ground Contact - Use Class 4 
 (Point A. To be implemented by all TTF members before the end of March 2021.)

B Customers purchasing treated products from TTF members are provided with adequate information and, where appropriate, the training materials developed by TTF/WPA to be able to use and install those products safely and effectively.

(Point B. To be implemented by all TTF members before the end of March 2021.)

C Preservative treated wood is being produced by or purchased, directly or indirectly, from a treatment provider whose operation has been assessed and approved under an independent and reputable accreditation scheme (e.g. WPA Benchmark in the UK, the Nordic NTR scheme or other similar).

(Point C. To be implemented by all TTF members before the end of June 2022.) 
As has been reported previously, TTF, WPA, TDCA and now Confor are working together on a powerful communications campaign to educate the supply chain on the Use Class specification system for treated wood. This will help TTF members comply with Point A above.

Compliance with Point B of the plan simply requires TTF members to refer to and pass on existing generic guidance from WPA and TTF and/or product specific guidance from preservative suppliers.

To provide all concerned with advice on compliance with Point C of the plan, WPA has updated two
Guidance Notes:
TW2 (Assessment/Accreditation Compliance Options) and
TW7 (WPA Benchmark Scheme – Executive Summary).

Both are now available to download free of charge from the RESOURCE CENTRE page of the WPA website.

Please note that Point C of the TTF plan also applies to suppliers of treated wood or treatment services to TTF members. Those suppliers need not be TTF members themselves to come within scope

Underpinning all technical aspects of the plan implementation will be the brand new WPA Code of Practice – Industrial Wood Preservation. This new format Code is endorsed by TTF & TDCA and contains all the very latest information on how to specify, produce, and use preservative-treated wood.

This new publication replaces the old WPA Technical Manual and will be available from early January 2021.
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