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Chapter Twenty Seven

Almost immediately after the new arrangements were in place the financial pressure seemed to ease not only for Nicks but for the UK in general with activity lifting and the slow climb out of the recession began as 2013 unfolded. The company could start to look at investment and growth once more . F.W.Morgan provided access to a much wider stock profile and the larger credit limit gave us the ability to hold larger stocks with the obvious trading benefits this opened up through, direct import and enlarged buying power so Nicks quickly started to grow as the UK finally clawed its way out of the last five years of recession and trade returned slowly to a reasonable constant level. The company returned to profit in 2014 with a very positive eye on the future.
In 2015 to 2017 Phil McCormick became Chairman of The Western Timber Trade Association placing him on the Governing Board of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) the industries governing body for all things Timber in the UK plugging Nick’s directly into the “bigger picture”. At the end of his tenure as chair Phil was asked to stay on the TTF board to create a new Training program for the Industry and Nicks wanted to also reach out to the local Universities and Collages . Phil also joined as a TTF representative on an all party House of Commons Committee that would start the political push for greater Timber use to combat climate change through education of the benefits of designing in and using of more wood in construction. This was however immediately knocked off course by the Grenville Tower disaster in June 2017 when a predominantly steel - concrete - glass and new cladding panels made from plastic and aluminium structure burnt with the tragic loss of 72 lives.
There was little or no timber in the building structure at all except the internal finishing and the Plywood fire doors which actually enabled the majority of residents to escape. Timber however as a perceived combustible material would now need defending as ill informed politicians set about new legislation that would effect All combustible building materials and limit the use of timber in high rise buildings so devastating a new timber industry sector CLT which was designed to revolutionise the use of timber in high rise buildings. So creating huge CO2 stores , quicker building times and potentially more affordable homes . Dalton Lane had just been completed In London the worlds largest solid timber structure .
The fight was on !
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