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Pergola Kit

Original price £338.46 ex VAT - Original price £1,145.99 ex VAT
Original price
£714.27 ex VAT
£338.46 ex VAT - £1,145.99 ex VAT
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47x125 Rails with 45 degree shaped cuts on both ends, fixed to 100x100 Redwood eased edge posts, for easy assembly with bolt down Shoes.  Available in four standard sizes (All sizes are based on Post positions) and its easier than you think;

We have made it easier for you to build your own pergola by putting a kits together with all the timber, screws and brackets you require. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your own 3x3m pergola. If you choose to buy one of our other size options, the process is the same but with different lengths of timber (and fixings).

Before constructing the pergola, you need to prepare the area you want to build and ensure you have all additional equipment and fixings you require:

  • a drill (with a 9mm timber or masonry bit), don’t worry about the torx driver bit for the screws or the hex drive screws we’ve sent those too)
  • A pencil or pen (not included!)
  • A decent saw (electric or hand powered)
  • Relevant health and safety equipment as you deem necessary
  • A spirit level
  • Maybe a step ladder?
  • A helping hand (or two, maybe four!)
  • (and a tape measure)

Step one: Prepare the Posts

Depending on where you build your pergola will depend what you will require to secure the posts into the ground:

    • Securing to a flat hard surface eg patio or decking:
      • Use the bolt-down post supports (4) and temporarily brace the posts to keep them vertically plumb.
      • If securing into concrete these will be secured with M8x100 thunderbolt concrete screws
      • If securing into timber decking these will be secured with M8x100 coach screws (TIP; try and ensure the bolt downs screws hit the joists beneath the deck, obviously it would have been best to have built the pergola at the same time as building the deck, but none of us thought of that at the time!)
      • Secure the posts into the supports and tighten them up (ensuring they are vertical!!)

    Step two: Building the roof

    (to make it easier and not have to work at height, but you will need at least two friends or helpful family members with longish arms and patience)

    • Measure down 210mm from the top of one the front posts (it does not matter which one) and fix one APA4 (using the 3 1/2" Structural screw and washer to carry the weight of the front cross beam (90x90).
    • balance this beam on the bracket and using a spirit level, mark where the bottom of the beam is with that pencil/pen we told you about earlier. when happy fix another APA4 to the post and attache the fron beam. 
    •  Temporarily fix one of the 45mm x 120mm rafters on the top of the front beam with 300mm projecting out of the structure and using a spirit level then fix it top the other post in line with it.  this will give you the position of the back 90x90 beam, which is fixed in the same you can fully fix the rafters to the posts.
    • repeat on the other side of the structure.
    • the post/beam joint should be further reinforced with  two APL4 corner brackets either side of the post 
    • Now to fix the pre cut angle braces, they should be flush with the top of the first rafter and with the 45 degree cuts brace the post to the rafter.
    • with all the braces in place you can attch the outer rafters to the beam/post/rafter assembly , 
    • its rafter time!  the other rafters cna now be attached, these are fixed in place with two 1 1/2 Structural screws and two APA21's either side of each rafter
    • to get all the rafters the same use a stringline to maintain the same projection (300 from its longest part)
    • for pergola's over 3m wide we recommend a central post to support the main beam secured with  and APT4
    • the final touch is to have a cold drink, to make this easier there is a bottler opener you can secure to one of the posts! (PLEASE BUY THIS SEPERATELY, AS IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT)