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Briwax 400grams

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£17.58 ex VAT
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Briwax Original is a premium finishing wax that seals the surface of your woodwork while giving it a nice sheen, enhancing its natural appearance. The wax is commonly applied to antique furniture during restoration to revive the wood's original quality. It can be used on floors, skirting boards, doors and regular furniture, as well as non-wood products such as tiles, metalwork and marble.

Natural beeswax and carnauba wax are the only ingredients, giving you an undiluted finish. Its organic, gentle features mean it can be applied straight to raw woodwork or wood treated with a sanding sealer and give a longer-lasting result. The wax is easy to apply with a Briwax brush, lint-free cloth or steel wool and it dries quickly, saving you application time.

• Can be used on bare or finished wood to seal the surface

• High shine, durable finish

• Always check compatibility with antique furniture and pre-finished furniture

• Not recommended for use in high moisture situations

• Quick dry and easy to apply

• Wipeable

• Organic, natural ingredients

• Hazard safety codes: F, Xn

• 400g tin Not all colours stocked.